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Wreck This Journal: The cover (Take One)


IMPORTANT MESSAGE!  I just want to say a big huge thank you to you all for dropping by my blog.  Your comments and subscriptions mean a lot to me 🙂  So Thank You! xxx

So this is what my cover looks like at the moment.


I made a conscious decision to keep the cover as plain as possible.  The inside is going to be colourful and pretty, so I thought I’d stick with a black and white theme for the cover.

I had some silver gift ribbon left over from Christmas, which I decided to put in strips down the sides of the cover.  They required A LOT of gluing to convince them to stay in place, and still they have had to be re-glued twice in the last few weeks, so they are now looking a bit tatty.

I think this cover is going to have to be redone at some point.  I would do it now if I could.  The only thing stopping me is the owl.  I love this owl. He started life as a tag on a gorgeous tote bag that I bought from Peacocks either last year or the year before.  He fell off after a little while, but parting with him was never an option!

So I thought he would be perfect for the front of my WTJ! 🙂

Typically, although the ribbons don’t want to stay in place, the owl seems to be stuck fast!  I have tried removing him, but I think I’m more likely to end up with a big hole in the front of my journal!  So that makes redecorating the cover a bit more difficult!

The hole in the owl’s ear used to have a little chain that connected it to the tote bag.  This was lost long ago, but I needed something to thread through the hole.  I had a rummage through my ‘bits and bobs’ drawer and found this old phone charm.  It has the letters of my name on little square beads.

It’s a good thing I keep all these things that ‘normal’ people would have thrown away, isn’t it? 🙂

I do love the owl and the charm, so I can put up with this cover for a bit longer.

There will definitely be a ‘Take Two’ at some point, but it does look like any further decoration is going to have to be done around my little owl friend!

I have a few ideas up my sleeve though so watch this space! 🙂



Wreck This Journal: Hide a secret message somewhere in this book


 In case anyone didn’t spot it in my last entry, my secret message was simple: ‘Merry Christmas’ 🙂  Those who know me will know that I love Christmas.  The festive period brings out the best in me.  So what else would I say in my secret message other than to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Depending on where you’re from or what your beliefs are, you may argue this is not politically correct, and I should instead wish you Happy Holidays…

…but that’s a debate for someone else to have!

However, that does lead me nicely on to………………..

………….secret message number 2!!!  It’s simple: ‘believe’.

I’m not talking about religion specifically,  although if you do have religious beliefs then you are free to interpret it that way!

When I wrote ‘believe’, I was mostly referring to belief in yourself.

Without getting too deep or personal, I’ve spent a lot of time letting other people tell me I can’t do things.  I am now finally learning to believe in myself, and that is something that everyone needs to learn sooner or later.  So…yes.  Believe.


Wreck This Journal: Colour this entire page


This is one of my favourite pages.

I started by doodling some random shapes and patterns on the pages.  I’m not normally very good at being ‘random’ but I did my very best not to be uniform in any way.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being uniform, that’s just wasn’t the plan I had for this page!
Colour this entire page

When I was happy with the design, I armed myself with all the felt tips, coloured pencils and gel pens I could get my hands on, and I started to add in the colour.

I mentioned in one of my earlier entries that whenever I look at my WTJ pages, I remember what was in my head at the time, what I was thinking, what was on TV or what music was playing.

However, when I look at this page, I have absolutely no recollection of what else was going on in the room, in the house, or in the world for that matter.  I was just completely absorbed in what I was doing!

Maybe it’s strange (and a little embarrassing) for a 29 year old to be so happy colouring in, but it really was nice to just shut out all those ‘grown up’ worries and stresses, and just enjoy a few hours of being completely carefree!

I’ve managed to recruit a few of my friends into the art of Wrecking now, but if you are one of the ones who is still resisting, I urge you again to give it a go!   🙂  



I also chose this page to address another of the instructions – “Hide a secret message somewhere within this book” (page 173).  Have you spotted it yet? 


Wreck This Journal: Close the book. Write/scribble something on the edges.


One of the pages of the book – page 177 – states ‘Close the book.  Write/scribble something on the edges.’

I decided instead to colour it in.  So I got out my brightly coloured felt tips – the permanent ones, because I thought they would be more durable than the washable Crayola felt tips that I seem to have several packs of…

It was fun to colour the edges, I have to admit!  I tried not to obsess about going over the edges – you know, when the cover flips forward and you get a mark on the inside cover – right???  And it was impossible to avoid getting my fingers covered in a rainbow of permanent ink, which wouldn’t wash off until at least 24 hours later!!

But I liked the effect, so it was worth the mess!

Of course, my fancy spine design was destined to be ruined in a matter of days, because the more pages I do, the bigger the journal gets.  But at the moment, you can still see the general effect.  And the ink hasn’t run yet.  I’m curious to see what happens when/IF it ever gets anywhere near the shower though (as instructed on page 73)!!!

Wreck This Journal: Close your eyes. Connect the dots from memory.


Connect the dots This isn’t a particularly exciting page, and it doesn’t have much of a story.  I looked at the page, I closed my eyes, and I joined the dots,

Then I opened my eyes, saw it wasn’t very pretty  so I grabbed another pen and took another path.

Then I grabbed a third pen….you get the idea!

I wonder how other people have/would made this page more interesting.  Come to think of it, in all my hours of browsing pics on google and tumblr, I don’t remember ever seeing this particular page.

Have you completed this page yet?  Tell me about it! 🙂

Wreck This Journal: Write one word over and over


This was the proper ‘creative’ page that I did.  It was just before Christmas, of course.  I love Christmas, and this year I jumped right in with both feet and watched Christmas films back-to-back, read festive books, listened to Christmas music…the works! 🙂

So when I had to write a word over and over, the choice was easy!

As I found different ways to write ‘baubel’, I was watching ‘Mrs Miracle’.  It’s a proper shmultzy, festive weepfest, starring the interfering (yet loveable) mom from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and Dawson from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ all grown up!

I watch it at least once every Christmas, and I always blub!  It’s tradition!!

Of course, I decided to make this page a little bit more interesting by drawing a few baubels, and I used glittery pens because Christmas is aaaaaall about the glitter!! 🙂

If I could do this page again, I think I’d be tempted to do the whole page like this pink and black bit here.  I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, but unfortunately I hadn’t left myself enough space to execute it.  It’s something I’m keeping in mind for my ‘four letter words’ page though.

Also, note the page numbers…I was trying to make them look sort of baubel-like…there seemed to be a trend this year for clear baubels with just a single snowflake drawn on them, for example.  So although the page numbers on this page weren’t actually supposed to be baubels, they still remind me of them! 🙂


NOTE: Yes, I spelt ‘bauble’ wrong.  Thank you, Sarah H, for pointing this out.  I am indeed an idiot!!!  But I love baubles, no matter how they’re spelt!!! 


*If you’re confused about what the heck I’m doing, please refer to this entry.*

Wreck This Journal: Crack the spine


I love reading and I love books.  Proper books, with pages that you turn over.  (Remember those?)

Crack the spine

I’m known for keeping my books pristine.  I don’t bend the spine, and I definitely don’t turn over the corners of the pages!  If I lend you my book and you turn down the corners…well, I’d make sure you can run away quickly!!!

So page 2 of WTJ instructs me to ‘Crack The Spine’.  Do whaaaaaat???  Yes, yes, they expect you to deliberately yank back the covers so that the spine creases.

What do you think I am, some sort of animal????

I admit, I had to work up the courage to do this one, but it’s kind of freeing to do it!!  The point of this book isn’t to keep it perfect, after all – it’s got to be wrecked!

Am I the only person who feels a sense of relief when I get my first scratch on my mobile phone/iPod screen?  Because all the pressure is off then – it’s no longer perfect, so another little scratch or mark won’t make a difference because it was already ruined anyway.


So in the same way, cracking that spine made it easier for me to stop treating my WTJ like a precious stone.  I don’t think I’d have enjoyed myself so much with the other pages if I hadn’t have forced myself to take that step!

I have managed to rope one of my friends into this Wrecking lark, but I have yet to convince her to conquer this demon.  If you’re reading this, you know who you are – Crack it, CRACK IT!!!

(I apologise for the poor photos.  It’s night time, and the lighting in this room isn’t great.  I will try to do better in future.)