Wreck This Journal: Write one word over and over


This was the proper ‘creative’ page that I did.  It was just before Christmas, of course.  I love Christmas, and this year I jumped right in with both feet and watched Christmas films back-to-back, read festive books, listened to Christmas music…the works! 🙂

So when I had to write a word over and over, the choice was easy!

As I found different ways to write ‘baubel’, I was watching ‘Mrs Miracle’.  It’s a proper shmultzy, festive weepfest, starring the interfering (yet loveable) mom from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and Dawson from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ all grown up!

I watch it at least once every Christmas, and I always blub!  It’s tradition!!

Of course, I decided to make this page a little bit more interesting by drawing a few baubels, and I used glittery pens because Christmas is aaaaaall about the glitter!! 🙂

If I could do this page again, I think I’d be tempted to do the whole page like this pink and black bit here.  I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, but unfortunately I hadn’t left myself enough space to execute it.  It’s something I’m keeping in mind for my ‘four letter words’ page though.

Also, note the page numbers…I was trying to make them look sort of baubel-like…there seemed to be a trend this year for clear baubels with just a single snowflake drawn on them, for example.  So although the page numbers on this page weren’t actually supposed to be baubels, they still remind me of them! 🙂


NOTE: Yes, I spelt ‘bauble’ wrong.  Thank you, Sarah H, for pointing this out.  I am indeed an idiot!!!  But I love baubles, no matter how they’re spelt!!! 


*If you’re confused about what the heck I’m doing, please refer to this entry.*


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  1. Awesome stuff! Its a shame you are using a different blog site to me. I am using Blogger ! I have seen these wreck this journal journals and thought it was soooooo awesome.!

  2. I really like this page, despite the misspelling! 🙂 I’ve not yet done this page, still thinking of what word I’ll use. Maybe I should just write ‘procrastinating’ once and be done with it!

    • Hi! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 and thanks even more for following 🙂
      Thank you, I really liked doing this page. I can’t pretend I’m not mortified about the spelling mistake, but there’s not much I can do about it now! Procrastinating would be a pretty good word choice! I’m sure you’ll think of something, and I can’t wait to see when you do 🙂 x

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