Wreck This Journal: The beginning


The very first page of Wreck This Journal – actually, a few pages before the ‘official’ first page – is for your name.  But this is Write This Journal, so of course you don’t do something as dull as just plain writing your name!!  Instead you are invited to write your name in a series of unusual ways: in white, illegibly, in tiny letters, backwards, very faintly, and in large letters.

I have taken a photo, but then I realised I’d have to block out a lot of it because it features my surname, address and phone number.  You’re not missing much though – this page isn’t much fun to look at!  Maybe I should have waited a few weeks to do this page, and then I would have been more creative with it, but never mind – it is what it is!

It was still fun to do, but that might have had more to do with the excitement of finally having this book in my paws!!


The ‘official’ first page is simply ‘Add your own page numbers’.  I decided that instead of just plonking a number on each page, I would make each page match the entry on that page in some way.  So I went through and pencilled in the numbers instead.  So this particular instruction will continue right up until the last page is finished.

I have included a picture because I feel like I should, but please note I’m not proud of this page at all!  In fact, maybe I will return to it in future and jazz it up a bit.

But I had to show you this in order to get to the good stuff 🙂


What do YOU think? :-)

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