Wreck This Journal


So, you may or may not be familiar with the concept of Wreck This Journal.

CoverIn short, it is a paperback book by Keri Smith, and each page features some sort of instruction.  The instructions vary from ‘Cover this page in circles’, to ‘Climb up high. Drop the journal’ and many in between.

This may not sound particularly inspiring, but here’s the fun part: when you open the page and see the instruction, it is entirely up to you how you follow it through. You can draw, you can paint, you can doodle, you can sew, you can glue on things you’ve collected or found…the world is your oyster!  There is no right or wrong way – you do whatever you want, however you want it.

I suppose this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I guess it appeals to a certain type of person – I like to think these are the creative type, those who aren’t afraid to use their imagination and embrace their silly side more often than is acceptable.  That’s me!

If it’s you, then you can purchase it from amazon for around £5 with postage.

I have done a few pages so far and I’m loving the journey.  Each time I look at my completed pages, I remember where I was at that time, the story of the page and the thought process behind it.  Some of the pages took hours of thinking and then 10 minutes ‘doing’.  Others were more impulsive.

And one is so disgusting I don’t know if I’ll ever show it. I’m seriously considering finding a way to make it disappear.

Whatever happens, I will be blogging about it here.  It may turn out to be an incredibly boring read to anyone but me, but who knows – it might inspire you too! 🙂


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    • Thanks for your comment 🙂
      It’s still going pretty well thank you, it’s just finding time to do it! I could do with getting myself to an art supplies shop too, I think I’m relying too much on the same old felt tips and colouring pencils – I need to do something more imaginative! 🙂

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