Wreck This Journal: Close your eyes. Connect the dots from memory.


Connect the dots This isn’t a particularly exciting page, and it doesn’t have much of a story.  I looked at the page, I closed my eyes, and I joined the dots,

Then I opened my eyes, saw it wasn’t very pretty  so I grabbed another pen and took another path.

Then I grabbed a third pen….you get the idea!

I wonder how other people have/would made this page more interesting.  Come to think of it, in all my hours of browsing pics on google and tumblr, I don’t remember ever seeing this particular page.

Have you completed this page yet?  Tell me about it! 🙂


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    • Oh. My. Gosh. That is completely amazing! How on earth do people think of such things?? Wow. Thank you for showing me that one Sarah, I can’t wait to see what you think of for yours 🙂 Xxx

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