Wreck This Journal: The cover (Take One)


IMPORTANT MESSAGE!  I just want to say a big huge thank you to you all for dropping by my blog.  Your comments and subscriptions mean a lot to me 🙂  So Thank You! xxx

So this is what my cover looks like at the moment.


I made a conscious decision to keep the cover as plain as possible.  The inside is going to be colourful and pretty, so I thought I’d stick with a black and white theme for the cover.

I had some silver gift ribbon left over from Christmas, which I decided to put in strips down the sides of the cover.  They required A LOT of gluing to convince them to stay in place, and still they have had to be re-glued twice in the last few weeks, so they are now looking a bit tatty.

I think this cover is going to have to be redone at some point.  I would do it now if I could.  The only thing stopping me is the owl.  I love this owl. He started life as a tag on a gorgeous tote bag that I bought from Peacocks either last year or the year before.  He fell off after a little while, but parting with him was never an option!

So I thought he would be perfect for the front of my WTJ! 🙂

Typically, although the ribbons don’t want to stay in place, the owl seems to be stuck fast!  I have tried removing him, but I think I’m more likely to end up with a big hole in the front of my journal!  So that makes redecorating the cover a bit more difficult!

The hole in the owl’s ear used to have a little chain that connected it to the tote bag.  This was lost long ago, but I needed something to thread through the hole.  I had a rummage through my ‘bits and bobs’ drawer and found this old phone charm.  It has the letters of my name on little square beads.

It’s a good thing I keep all these things that ‘normal’ people would have thrown away, isn’t it? 🙂

I do love the owl and the charm, so I can put up with this cover for a bit longer.

There will definitely be a ‘Take Two’ at some point, but it does look like any further decoration is going to have to be done around my little owl friend!

I have a few ideas up my sleeve though so watch this space! 🙂



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    • The only reason I posted this today is that I have a plan for revamping mine, which I will hopefully get to in the next few days. I just wanted a record of this one in case my idea doesn’t work out!
      You’ve had great ideas so far, so I’m sure you’ll think of something brilliant for your cover! Keep me posted! x

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