Wreck This Journal: Cover this page using only office supplies


Of all the pages I have done so far, this is my very very favourite.  It was my favourite to do, and it’s my favourite to look at.  So please excuse me if I write about this in way too much detail.

I knew I was going to have to do this at work, and over Christmas I was lucky enough to have the office to myself for a day.  So at lunchtime, I opened my desk drawer and I pulled out everything that I thought might go well on the page.  As a stationery addict, that was a LOT of stuff!  I wish I’d taken a picture, but at the time I didn’t realise I’d ever find myself blogging about it!

First of all, I knew my post-its were going to come in handy for this page.  If only I could find a post-it pad…….

About a year ago, I was having a clear out of my desk at work, and the picture on the right is all the post-it notes I had in my drawer.  I think they call that an addiction!  I have no idea why I have so many, I think I’m just drawn to the bright colours and I have to have them!!

I think I may have added one or two others to the collection since this was taken.  But maybe I shouldn’t admit that.

So, I used the post-its to more or less cover the two pages.  I wanted to keep the original page instruction, so I traced this onto the post-its using my (very un-sharp) Sharpie.

I had some string (no idea why, I’ve never needed to use string at work!) and I cut that into lengths and glued them onto the page.  Gluing string with a glue stick is very very very difficult, let me tell you!

I wanted some staples on this page, but I didn’t want to staple through the page and ruin the other side, so I took out a strip of staples and tried to separate them.  After making two of my fingers bleed, I realised I could just shoot them from the stapler for the same result!  Much much easier!!!

I made a paperclip chain and attached that, as well as some nice colourful paperclips that I had, some elastic bands and hole reinforcements and stuck those all down.  Then I sat back and pondered how I could attach some map pins to the page.  That wasn’t easy, let me tell you!!!!!

By this point I had realised that I was going to have to seal everything in somehow – the string was refusing to stay put, and I was having problems with some wriggly elastic bands, so I decided to put strips of sellotape over the whole page.  I love the shiny plastic effect this gives, and the way the items are all held in.  For some reason, it pleases me.

When I was putting everything back in my drawer, I discovered a box of treasury tags that I didn’t know I had.  “They have to go on the page somehow,” I thought, scratching my head.  I decided to punch some holes in the sides of the pages and leave the treasury tags hanging loose.  I love this, and think it finished the page off nicely.

I also added two brightly coloured mini bulldog clips, and that was the page completed.  A very productive day at work 🙂


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