Wreck This Journal: Tear strips. Rip it up!


So, today I decided to tackle the page that requires me to let rip! 😉

I admit, with this one, I consulted good old google for ideas for this one.  Different ways to rip, different ways to colour it in.

But in the end I decided to do my own thing.  I tore the strips first then used Blo pens from years ago (which amazingly hadn’t dried out!) to colour each strip.

The page behind instructs me to ‘Glue, staple or tape these pages together” so I folded the strips at random(ish) sections and glued them down at the top.  The ends are loose, and I think I’ll leave them that way, unless they start making a nuisance of themselves!!

I had already used the Blo pens to make the page on the left a nice pinkyblue splattery tone, and I’d planned to leave it that way.

But then I had an idea….

I drew a skyline of sorts onto black paper, cut it out and glued it onto the page.  I really like how it turned out!


I am really loving this whole Wrecking journey.  I’ve got so many supplies and so many ideas, and I am proud to say I have now managed to recruit a few friends to Wreck This Journal too 🙂

I love seeing what other creations people are coming up with, whether they’re WTJ-related or just general crafty creations, so please feel free to make recommendations, or just say Hi if you want me to check your own blog out! 🙂


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    • I’m not sure what a paper scrap is…do you mean the torn bits? The instruction was to rip the page, so I tore them into strips. Sadly I don’t have a talent for drawing – I leave that to you! 🙂

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