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Plooberific award :-)


Thank you jploober for creating this award, and THANK YOU to kofegeek for awarding it to me! 🙂

The rules state I must pick 3 more plooberific blogs to pass this award on to.  I’m still fairly new, and I haven’t read as many blogs as I intended to (yet!) but on first impressions, the following blogs and bloggers seem pretty great, therefore my awards go to….*drum roll*……

1) phenoxaeon – for the amazing WTJ pages – the four-letter words page will stick with me always – I urge you all to look at her latest post. 🙂

2) justmejewel – for introducing me to zentangles! 😀

3) ilovehippolines – for the great drawings that really make me wish I possessed some drawing talent!

EDIT: I forgot to tell you to click here: PLOOBERIFIC AWARD to collect your award 🙂


Wreck This Journal: Hide a secret message somewhere in this book


 In case anyone didn’t spot it in my last entry, my secret message was simple: ‘Merry Christmas’ 🙂  Those who know me will know that I love Christmas.  The festive period brings out the best in me.  So what else would I say in my secret message other than to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Depending on where you’re from or what your beliefs are, you may argue this is not politically correct, and I should instead wish you Happy Holidays…

…but that’s a debate for someone else to have!

However, that does lead me nicely on to………………..

………….secret message number 2!!!  It’s simple: ‘believe’.

I’m not talking about religion specifically,  although if you do have religious beliefs then you are free to interpret it that way!

When I wrote ‘believe’, I was mostly referring to belief in yourself.

Without getting too deep or personal, I’ve spent a lot of time letting other people tell me I can’t do things.  I am now finally learning to believe in myself, and that is something that everyone needs to learn sooner or later.  So…yes.  Believe.