Wreck This Journal: Collect stamps off all your mail


Now this one was one of the easier ones for me!  You see, when I’m not causing creative chaos in my WTJ, I write letters to my friends, via good old fashioned snail mail.  It’s almost a lost art now, I know, but I still love it when the postman brings me a nice handwritten letter instead of (or at least as well as!) a bill!

So, collecting stamps was easily done.  Especially as I was doing it around November/December, when the Christmas cards were flowing in!

The one on the top right of the picture was on a letter we received at work – it’s a Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stamp!!  I loved it when I saw it and didn’t think twice about stealing it for my stamp page.  🙂



Wreck This Journal: Scribble wildly using borrowed pens


This one doesn’t need much explaining.  It was one of the pages I did when alone at work over Christmas, and I went around all the admin desks scribbling with whatever I could find.

I couldn’t help noticing how many ‘run out’ pens we seem to keep!  There were dried up felt-tips and highlighters, scratchy empty biros and blobby gel pens.  But this was a nice quick one to do, and one of the few pages which I have actually let loose on!


Wreck This Journal: Copyright page


This is my Copyright page.  When I first looked at it, I couldn’t help noticing how many times the word ‘Penguin’ was mentioned.  So I decided to stick with the penguin theme!  I printed a large penguin picture, did some shading around the words, and that was the page done!

The page next to it took more thinking – there were so many words on it already, so I decided I wanted to do something with them.  So I sat down and tried to find some ‘hidden message’ that I could highlight.  This took several tries and several sheets of paper with various scribbled ‘messages’ on them!!!

Eventually, it all came together.  Unfortunately by this time, I’d decided to stuck a flippin’ hologram on the reverse of the page, so the colouring has taken on the texture of the hologram, which is a shame.  But you get the idea!

Click the images for full-size versions to see the messages more clearly 🙂


Wreck This Journal: Colour outside of the lines


I thought I’d better post another entry, as I don’t want that gross dinner one to be the front page of my blog!  Well you never know who’s going to drop by!!  🙂

There isn’t much I can say about this one.

I did it a few weeks back.  I’d been feeling really frustrated at work the week that I did this page, and I just went home one night and started colouring.

The coloured pencils I was using kept breaking, and I ended up having to colour with tiny pieces of lead because they wouldn’t stay in the pencil!  (This was the first pack of pencils, which I ended up binning in temper!!  Anyone who’s read my nonstop line post will know the second pack of pencils hasn’t been any more successful…..)

Anyway, this page worked to cure my frustrations – I was so annoyed about the pencils, I barely gave work another thought!


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Wreck This Journal: Document your dinner


OK.  The time has come to share my least favourite WTJ ‘creation’.

This is without doubt my most ‘wrecked’ page yet.  I hate it, and even as I’m typing this, I’m not sure whether I’m actually going to post it!

The instruction states “Document your dinner.  Rub, smear, splatter your food.  Use this page as a napkin.”

I was eating spaghetti.  So I flung on a strand of spaghetti.  Then a blob of sauce.  I smeared it as instructed.  Then I left it to dry out.

And it all went wrong from there!  When it dried, it started to pong.  Then the spaghetti strand started to break (which I should have expected really!!) and bits of the sauce were crumbling off.  I decided to cover the whole page with glue and stick some plastic over it.  That didn’t help at all.  It still smells bad and it looks bad.  The sauce has also seeped through and ruined several other pages.

But there.  I did it.  So don’t go accusing me of not being reckless enough 😉


Wreck This Journal: Create a nonstop line


I started this one at the weekend, spent most of Sunday on it, and I have finally finished colouring it in tonight!!  I don’t think it’s anything original really…if I could draw, I would have drawn something fabulous using one continuous line.  But I can’t, so I didn’t!

I decided to do a loopy line, purely because I wanted to do something a tiny bit different to what others have done.

When I was younger, I had this battery-powered pen that drew a loopy line, I thought it was called a Dizzy Doodle, but I can’t seem to find a picture.  Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Anyway, this pen used to draw a loopy line very similar to the one I’ve drawn. So I suppose that gave me the idea!

I started at the ‘Start’ obviously, and I was about half way through before noticing there was no ‘End’!  So I added that myself.  And I decided to colour the whole thing in, which took absolutely ages.

And I have discovered that colouring pencils just aren’t made the way they were when I was young!  I’m using Crayola, which I thought were a reputable brand, well known for being THE colouring implement of choice for children.  But the leads keep snapping…and either they’re broken all the way down the pencil, or they are just too weak for my pencil sharpener!  And the purple one (oh it just had to be the purple one didn’t it?) splintered really badly down the side when I sharpened it.  That didn’t happen when I was younger!  Not impressed!!!

So what do you think of my nonstop line?  🙂


Wreck This Journal: The cover (Take Two)


So, I said I had a few ideas for redoing my cover, and here is version number 2!

I managed to remove the owl (as discussed in this entry here) and it pulled off about as much of the cover as I had expected. That Power Pritt is strong stuff!

Before I redid the cover, I wanted new way to hold my WTJ shut because I hated having to use rubber bands. I had some ribbon handles left over from a gift bag that I had cut up for my ‘circles’ page (which is still, and may forever be, a Work In Progress).

I made holes in the covers and reinforced them so that hopefully they won’t rip through the covers if I pull them too tightly!  Then I threaded them through, and now my WTJ ties shut – no more horrible rubber bands!!! 🙂

Once the handles were in place, I started on re-covering the cover. I took this lovely furry fabric and cut it to size. I wanted to keep the words ‘Wreck This Journal’ on the front, so I had to cut a hole in the fabric, which was a bit of a nightmare to do, but I managed it!  And I said a little thank you to the craft gods for the whole being in the right place!

I stuck everything down and folded the material around the other side to neaten it up a bit, and on the back I’ve stuck a sheet of funky pink leopard-print felt. That hides the edges and I think it looks pretty cool 🙂

Hopefully this cover will last longer than the last one. My next decision is this: should I do the back cover the same? I do like things to match, so it seems like the ‘me’ thing to do.

What do you think?