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Wreck This Journal: Make a funnel. Drink some water.


I was reluctant to do this one, but eventually I did it!  I cut out the cone, coloured it in, filled it with water, and yes, I drank from it!!*

Then I stuck it back in, and randomly stuck in a picture of a scene from Alice In Wonderland on the adjacent page.  For no reason other than that I love it 🙂

(*In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have drunk from somethng that had been coloured in with permanent ink and colouring pencils…don’t try this at home, kids!!  But I haven’t noticed any side effects so far…*twitches* 😉 )


Wreck This Journal: Tear this page out. Put it in your pocket. Put it through the wash. Stick it back in.


So I have seen other people do this page, and they’ve ended up with some slightly tinted but practically perfect version of this page.

But no, apparently that wasn’t the plan for me.

Imagine my horror when I dragged out my washing and looked in my pocket and found the page gone.  I searched and searched, and eventually discovered that the page had escaped from my pocket and found its way into a pillowcase.

The picture on the right is the result!!!!!

So, not to be beaten, I picked out some of the larger bits and left them to dry out.  I have now reattached them to the new ‘page’.

The lumps of paper are now really hard, which means that writing/drawing/colouring on any pages in my WTJ is now..erm…interesting, to say the least!!!!


Wreck This Journal: Fill this page with circles


At long last, here is my circles page!!  I started this ages ago, by cutting up this pink gift bag with big white dots on it and sticking that on as a background.

(I also used the handles from the gift bag to make the ties of my WTJ, as discussed here.)

I had some bubble wrap, which is of course made up of lots of little circles, so I cut that into big and small circles, and stuck those on.  Then I was stuck with this page that I just wasn’t happy with.  I left it a few weeks, hoping that a brilliant idea would come to me.

It didn’t.

I considered a couple of ideas, but they just never happened.  Then I bought a packet of little multicoloured pompoms – I only really wanted the white ones for the white page, and the only pack I could find was multicoloured.  So of course I then had all these colourful ones spare, and thought maybe I could use them on this page….

A few pompoms and a lot of glue later, I’m much happier with this page.  It’s not perfect, but it’s kind of cute, don’t you think? 😉


Wreck This Journal: The cover (Take Two)


So, I said I had a few ideas for redoing my cover, and here is version number 2!

I managed to remove the owl (as discussed in this entry here) and it pulled off about as much of the cover as I had expected. That Power Pritt is strong stuff!

Before I redid the cover, I wanted new way to hold my WTJ shut because I hated having to use rubber bands. I had some ribbon handles left over from a gift bag that I had cut up for my ‘circles’ page (which is still, and may forever be, a Work In Progress).

I made holes in the covers and reinforced them so that hopefully they won’t rip through the covers if I pull them too tightly!  Then I threaded them through, and now my WTJ ties shut – no more horrible rubber bands!!! 🙂

Once the handles were in place, I started on re-covering the cover. I took this lovely furry fabric and cut it to size. I wanted to keep the words ‘Wreck This Journal’ on the front, so I had to cut a hole in the fabric, which was a bit of a nightmare to do, but I managed it!  And I said a little thank you to the craft gods for the whole being in the right place!

I stuck everything down and folded the material around the other side to neaten it up a bit, and on the back I’ve stuck a sheet of funky pink leopard-print felt. That hides the edges and I think it looks pretty cool 🙂

Hopefully this cover will last longer than the last one. My next decision is this: should I do the back cover the same? I do like things to match, so it seems like the ‘me’ thing to do.

What do you think?


Wreck This Journal: Name page (revisited)


May I now present…my new Name page!!

I have already written about my uninspiring Name page.  I’d followed the instructions but used no creativity whatsoever, and to say it was uninspiring would be an understatement!

name page

I had been considering jazzing it up in some way, but I couldn’t think how.  Then, while exchanging wrecking ideas with one of my friends, I had an idea.

It involved splitting the page into sections and writing the letters of my name in them.  I remember doing this when I was younger and I just loved to doodle – on school books, usually, or any scrap of paper.  I’d draw out squares and write my name or the names of whichever celeb I was crushing on at the time – come on, you know you did it too!!

For this page, I decided to draw the lines at an angle…I used a ruler and measured the sections exactly, in case anyone’s interested!!  Being Wreckless still doesn’t come easy to me!!

I wanted the design to be a background to the content of the page, rather than covering it up completely, so I wanted to keep the colouring.  On my laptop screen, I can hardly see the colours at all, so I hope you can.  the colours are hardly visible, so I hope you can see them.

I’m really happy with how it turned out 🙂


The page next to it is another story!  The first plan was to stick a pretty carrier bag over it.  I did this, and it didn’t quite look as good as it did in my mind!  If you really want to see, then there’s a picture here.  It was a terrible idea, it looked tacky and horrible, had no relation to the page beside it and I just wasn’t happy with it at all.

So, I peeled that right off and started again!

I covered the page in rainbow paper and then glued on a cat picture from an old birthday card that I just thought was fun.  It’s a hologram on thick plastic, so as well as being incredibly difficult to cut to size, it is also very difficult to take a picture of!  But I have done my best to show the hologram and here it is:


I’m happy with this page now anyway, and I think it makes a nice welcome page 🙂


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Wreck This Journal: Sew this page


I wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle this page.

One of my hobbies (though it takes a bit of a back seat these days) is cross stitch, so I initially thought about cross stitching something to stick onto the page.  Then I had to decide what I was going to stitch.  I had a look online, but cross stitch kits can be quite pricey, and they’re time-consuming to do, so I wasn’t really very sure.

Then I went in WHSmith and I found these little Make Your Own Patch kits and thought “Ooooooooooooooooh!”

The kit came with three colours of felt, which were already cut to shape, a packet of beads, different colour threads and a needle.  What more could I ask!

I sewed the hearts onto the patch before I sewed it into the journal.  I’m very glad I did, because I really struggled to sew the patch onto the paper, and I got a couple of little rips.  If I had attempted to sew the whole thing through the page I think I’d still be doing it now!!

Before I sewed the patch on, I sewed the trailing threads through to the other side of the page, and then I went around the patch and sewed it to the page.  It was really hard to do because of the angle I was having to hold the book at, so it took much longer than expected!!

When I’d finished, I used the threads to make some little swirly lines around the patch, and then I sewed the page number.

I decided to thread the needle through the page as well, and then glued over it to make sure it was secure.  I really didn’t want it to look like I’d just stuck a ready-made patch onto the page, because I really did put a lot of effort into this page!  Hopefully this was achieved!

This was a very fun idea, and I like that there are so many different (or sew many different!) ways this page could have been done – I doubt any two ‘Sew this page’ entries would ever look the same!  I’m keen to see what other people come up with!!


Please comment and Like this post…it would make my day 🙂


Wreck This Journal: Trace your hand


handI had several ideas for this page.  One was to trace around my hand and then draw in my life line, heart line, etc, and make it look like a palm reading diagram.  But I decided against that.

Then I had a good idea for colouring in the hand in a really intricate way.  I will save any further explanation of this, in case I decide to recreate it elsewhere in my journal in future.

I ended up abandoning both of these ideas and doing a much more simple design.  I don’t know why I went with this, and I don’t know why I chose orange and black.  I can only assume these were the only colours I had to hand that day!