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Wreck This Journal: Poke holes in this page using a pencil


This wasn’t completely my own idea.  I was browsing pics on Twitter (#wtj #wreckthisjournal) and I saw someone had had the clever idea to make the holes into stars.  I’m so sorry I can’t remember who this artist was, but if you are reading this, let me know and I’ll credit you!

I also can’t completely remember what her page was like, but she did say I was welcome to use the idea as long as I put my own spin on it.  So hopefully that’s what I’ve done!

I poked holes in the black paper, and then I put this gold glittery paper behind it, to make the ‘stars’ appear to shine.  You can see this better in the close up pic.

Then I added some other stars to the black paper.  I wanted to use a gold pen, but as luck would have it, that appears to be the only colour gel pen that I don’t have!!  But I quite like the contrast of the silver.

I then used a gold glitter pen to add some trails behind the gold ‘stars’ to make them look like shooting stars.  I’m not entirely sure this gives the effect I intended, but I like it anyway!



Wreck This Journal: Fill this page with circles


At long last, here is my circles page!!  I started this ages ago, by cutting up this pink gift bag with big white dots on it and sticking that on as a background.

(I also used the handles from the gift bag to make the ties of my WTJ, as discussed here.)

I had some bubble wrap, which is of course made up of lots of little circles, so I cut that into big and small circles, and stuck those on.  Then I was stuck with this page that I just wasn’t happy with.  I left it a few weeks, hoping that a brilliant idea would come to me.

It didn’t.

I considered a couple of ideas, but they just never happened.  Then I bought a packet of little multicoloured pompoms – I only really wanted the white ones for the white page, and the only pack I could find was multicoloured.  So of course I then had all these colourful ones spare, and thought maybe I could use them on this page….

A few pompoms and a lot of glue later, I’m much happier with this page.  It’s not perfect, but it’s kind of cute, don’t you think? 😉


Wreck This Journal: Create a nonstop line


I started this one at the weekend, spent most of Sunday on it, and I have finally finished colouring it in tonight!!  I don’t think it’s anything original really…if I could draw, I would have drawn something fabulous using one continuous line.  But I can’t, so I didn’t!

I decided to do a loopy line, purely because I wanted to do something a tiny bit different to what others have done.

When I was younger, I had this battery-powered pen that drew a loopy line, I thought it was called a Dizzy Doodle, but I can’t seem to find a picture.  Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Anyway, this pen used to draw a loopy line very similar to the one I’ve drawn. So I suppose that gave me the idea!

I started at the ‘Start’ obviously, and I was about half way through before noticing there was no ‘End’!  So I added that myself.  And I decided to colour the whole thing in, which took absolutely ages.

And I have discovered that colouring pencils just aren’t made the way they were when I was young!  I’m using Crayola, which I thought were a reputable brand, well known for being THE colouring implement of choice for children.  But the leads keep snapping…and either they’re broken all the way down the pencil, or they are just too weak for my pencil sharpener!  And the purple one (oh it just had to be the purple one didn’t it?) splintered really badly down the side when I sharpened it.  That didn’t happen when I was younger!  Not impressed!!!

So what do you think of my nonstop line?  🙂


Wreck This Journal: Colour this entire page


This is one of my favourite pages.

I started by doodling some random shapes and patterns on the pages.  I’m not normally very good at being ‘random’ but I did my very best not to be uniform in any way.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being uniform, that’s just wasn’t the plan I had for this page!
Colour this entire page

When I was happy with the design, I armed myself with all the felt tips, coloured pencils and gel pens I could get my hands on, and I started to add in the colour.

I mentioned in one of my earlier entries that whenever I look at my WTJ pages, I remember what was in my head at the time, what I was thinking, what was on TV or what music was playing.

However, when I look at this page, I have absolutely no recollection of what else was going on in the room, in the house, or in the world for that matter.  I was just completely absorbed in what I was doing!

Maybe it’s strange (and a little embarrassing) for a 29 year old to be so happy colouring in, but it really was nice to just shut out all those ‘grown up’ worries and stresses, and just enjoy a few hours of being completely carefree!

I’ve managed to recruit a few of my friends into the art of Wrecking now, but if you are one of the ones who is still resisting, I urge you again to give it a go!   🙂  



I also chose this page to address another of the instructions – “Hide a secret message somewhere within this book” (page 173).  Have you spotted it yet? 


Wreck This Journal


So, you may or may not be familiar with the concept of Wreck This Journal.

CoverIn short, it is a paperback book by Keri Smith, and each page features some sort of instruction.  The instructions vary from ‘Cover this page in circles’, to ‘Climb up high. Drop the journal’ and many in between.

This may not sound particularly inspiring, but here’s the fun part: when you open the page and see the instruction, it is entirely up to you how you follow it through. You can draw, you can paint, you can doodle, you can sew, you can glue on things you’ve collected or found…the world is your oyster!  There is no right or wrong way – you do whatever you want, however you want it.

I suppose this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I guess it appeals to a certain type of person – I like to think these are the creative type, those who aren’t afraid to use their imagination and embrace their silly side more often than is acceptable.  That’s me!

If it’s you, then you can purchase it from amazon for around £5 with postage.

I have done a few pages so far and I’m loving the journey.  Each time I look at my completed pages, I remember where I was at that time, the story of the page and the thought process behind it.  Some of the pages took hours of thinking and then 10 minutes ‘doing’.  Others were more impulsive.

And one is so disgusting I don’t know if I’ll ever show it. I’m seriously considering finding a way to make it disappear.

Whatever happens, I will be blogging about it here.  It may turn out to be an incredibly boring read to anyone but me, but who knows – it might inspire you too! 🙂