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Wreck This Journal: Make a funnel. Drink some water.


I was reluctant to do this one, but eventually I did it!  I cut out the cone, coloured it in, filled it with water, and yes, I drank from it!!*

Then I stuck it back in, and randomly stuck in a picture of a scene from Alice In Wonderland on the adjacent page.  For no reason other than that I love it 🙂

(*In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have drunk from somethng that had been coloured in with permanent ink and colouring pencils…don’t try this at home, kids!!  But I haven’t noticed any side effects so far…*twitches* 😉 )


Wreck This Journal: Pour, spill, drop, spit, fling your coffee here


This was one of the first pages I did, and it’s one of the few pages that I consider to be ‘wrecked’.

I don’t drink coffee (hot drinks make me thirsty) so I used my drink of choice, Diet Coke.

I poured it on and moved the page around so that it swirled around a bit and dripped off the edges, then I poured more on the other side.  It was a very weird thing to be doing!

Unfortunately Diet Coke doesn’t stain as effectively as coffee, but you can sort of see where it was on the page…the sheets are nicely wrinkled, anyway!