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Wreck This Journal: Make a funnel. Drink some water.


I was reluctant to do this one, but eventually I did it!  I cut out the cone, coloured it in, filled it with water, and yes, I drank from it!!*

Then I stuck it back in, and randomly stuck in a picture of a scene from Alice In Wonderland on the adjacent page.  For no reason other than that I love it 🙂

(*In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have drunk from somethng that had been coloured in with permanent ink and colouring pencils…don’t try this at home, kids!!  But I haven’t noticed any side effects so far…*twitches* 😉 )


Wreck This Journal: Scribble wildly using borrowed pens


This one doesn’t need much explaining.  It was one of the pages I did when alone at work over Christmas, and I went around all the admin desks scribbling with whatever I could find.

I couldn’t help noticing how many ‘run out’ pens we seem to keep!  There were dried up felt-tips and highlighters, scratchy empty biros and blobby gel pens.  But this was a nice quick one to do, and one of the few pages which I have actually let loose on!


Wreck This Journal: Colour this entire page


This is one of my favourite pages.

I started by doodling some random shapes and patterns on the pages.  I’m not normally very good at being ‘random’ but I did my very best not to be uniform in any way.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being uniform, that’s just wasn’t the plan I had for this page!
Colour this entire page

When I was happy with the design, I armed myself with all the felt tips, coloured pencils and gel pens I could get my hands on, and I started to add in the colour.

I mentioned in one of my earlier entries that whenever I look at my WTJ pages, I remember what was in my head at the time, what I was thinking, what was on TV or what music was playing.

However, when I look at this page, I have absolutely no recollection of what else was going on in the room, in the house, or in the world for that matter.  I was just completely absorbed in what I was doing!

Maybe it’s strange (and a little embarrassing) for a 29 year old to be so happy colouring in, but it really was nice to just shut out all those ‘grown up’ worries and stresses, and just enjoy a few hours of being completely carefree!

I’ve managed to recruit a few of my friends into the art of Wrecking now, but if you are one of the ones who is still resisting, I urge you again to give it a go!   🙂  



I also chose this page to address another of the instructions – “Hide a secret message somewhere within this book” (page 173).  Have you spotted it yet? 


Wreck This Journal: Close the book. Write/scribble something on the edges.


One of the pages of the book – page 177 – states ‘Close the book.  Write/scribble something on the edges.’

I decided instead to colour it in.  So I got out my brightly coloured felt tips – the permanent ones, because I thought they would be more durable than the washable Crayola felt tips that I seem to have several packs of…

It was fun to colour the edges, I have to admit!  I tried not to obsess about going over the edges – you know, when the cover flips forward and you get a mark on the inside cover – right???  And it was impossible to avoid getting my fingers covered in a rainbow of permanent ink, which wouldn’t wash off until at least 24 hours later!!

But I liked the effect, so it was worth the mess!

Of course, my fancy spine design was destined to be ruined in a matter of days, because the more pages I do, the bigger the journal gets.  But at the moment, you can still see the general effect.  And the ink hasn’t run yet.  I’m curious to see what happens when/IF it ever gets anywhere near the shower though (as instructed on page 73)!!!