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Wreck This Journal: Cut through several layers


Remember when you were in school and you used to fold a sheet of paper up several times and then cut different shapes into it and then open it up to make a snowflake?

As soon as I saw the instruction on this page, I knew that this was exactly what I’d be doing!

I ripped out the page and then folded it a few times.  Then I did completely random snips all over – some swirls, some little triangles, and then carefully unfolded.

I was very pleased with how this turned out!  The heart-shapes were completely accidental, and I love them!

I stuck it onto this bright pink paper (because I just love this colour combination!) and put it back into the journal.

As well as being very happy with the appearance of this page, I was also very relieved that the instruction was still more or less readable, so it meant I didn’t have to find a way to rewrite it! 🙂