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Wreck This Journal: Tear this page out. Put it in your pocket. Put it through the wash. Stick it back in.


So I have seen other people do this page, and they’ve ended up with some slightly tinted but practically perfect version of this page.

But no, apparently that wasn’t the plan for me.

Imagine my horror when I dragged out my washing and looked in my pocket and found the page gone.  I searched and searched, and eventually discovered that the page had escaped from my pocket and found its way into a pillowcase.

The picture on the right is the result!!!!!

So, not to be beaten, I picked out some of the larger bits and left them to dry out.  I have now reattached them to the new ‘page’.

The lumps of paper are now really hard, which means that writing/drawing/colouring on any pages in my WTJ is now..erm…interesting, to say the least!!!!



Wreck This Journal: Wrap something with this page.


Eeeeeeee, presents!!!!!!!!!

This page puzzled me for a while…

Wrap something with this page.

Wrap something with this page.

I thought about it until my head hurt, and then decided to just go for it.  I ripped out the page, and started colouring it.  I wanted to make it a bit fancy, so I used glitter crayons to colour stripes.  I have included a couple of extra pictures below to show the effect of the glitter crayons – the give a very nice shiny effect, and they have actual glitter in – GENIUS!!!!!

Anyway, once my page was coloured, I started looking for something to wrap.  This involved me wandering around the house and literally looking for something small that I wouldn’t miss.  I’m one of these annoying people who throws things out if I don’t need/want them, so this was a difficult task!

Eventually I decided on the thing to wrap.  It was a keyring that I had bought for a friend that I no longer speak to.  It wasn’t appropriate to give as a gift, but I didn’t want to throw it away, so I’d kept it in a drawer.  I don’t know why, because like I said above, I normally am pretty good at thowing out unneccessary junk!

So, I wrapped the keyring in tissue paper to bulk it out a bit and make it easier to wrap, and then wrapped it in the page, adding some curly-wurly ribbon for that final touch!

I wanted to be able to put this page back into my WTJ, so I used coloured paper to create a new ‘page’.  I have done this for all instructions which require me to remove a page, so that I can put everything back in where it belongs.  Because I’m like that 🙂

So, in this case, I stuck the present on to this bright yellow page, wrote on the instruction and added some present stickers.

My WTJ is pretty bulky now – there’s no chance of carrying it everywhere with me anymore, my handbag just isn’t big enough!!


Wreck This Journal: Tear strips. Rip it up!


So, today I decided to tackle the page that requires me to let rip! 😉

I admit, with this one, I consulted good old google for ideas for this one.  Different ways to rip, different ways to colour it in.

But in the end I decided to do my own thing.  I tore the strips first then used Blo pens from years ago (which amazingly hadn’t dried out!) to colour each strip.

The page behind instructs me to ‘Glue, staple or tape these pages together” so I folded the strips at random(ish) sections and glued them down at the top.  The ends are loose, and I think I’ll leave them that way, unless they start making a nuisance of themselves!!

I had already used the Blo pens to make the page on the left a nice pinkyblue splattery tone, and I’d planned to leave it that way.

But then I had an idea….

I drew a skyline of sorts onto black paper, cut it out and glued it onto the page.  I really like how it turned out!


I am really loving this whole Wrecking journey.  I’ve got so many supplies and so many ideas, and I am proud to say I have now managed to recruit a few friends to Wreck This Journal too 🙂

I love seeing what other creations people are coming up with, whether they’re WTJ-related or just general crafty creations, so please feel free to make recommendations, or just say Hi if you want me to check your own blog out! 🙂


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