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Wreck This Journal: Tear this page out. Put it in your pocket. Put it through the wash. Stick it back in.


So I have seen other people do this page, and they’ve ended up with some slightly tinted but practically perfect version of this page.

But no, apparently that wasn’t the plan for me.

Imagine my horror when I dragged out my washing and looked in my pocket and found the page gone.  I searched and searched, and eventually discovered that the page had escaped from my pocket and found its way into a pillowcase.

The picture on the right is the result!!!!!

So, not to be beaten, I picked out some of the larger bits and left them to dry out.  I have now reattached them to the new ‘page’.

The lumps of paper are now really hard, which means that writing/drawing/colouring on any pages in my WTJ is now..erm…interesting, to say the least!!!!



Wreck This Journal: Colour outside of the lines


I thought I’d better post another entry, as I don’t want that gross dinner one to be the front page of my blog!  Well you never know who’s going to drop by!!  🙂

There isn’t much I can say about this one.

I did it a few weeks back.  I’d been feeling really frustrated at work the week that I did this page, and I just went home one night and started colouring.

The coloured pencils I was using kept breaking, and I ended up having to colour with tiny pieces of lead because they wouldn’t stay in the pencil!  (This was the first pack of pencils, which I ended up binning in temper!!  Anyone who’s read my nonstop line post will know the second pack of pencils hasn’t been any more successful…..)

Anyway, this page worked to cure my frustrations – I was so annoyed about the pencils, I barely gave work another thought!


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Wreck This Journal: Create a nonstop line


I started this one at the weekend, spent most of Sunday on it, and I have finally finished colouring it in tonight!!  I don’t think it’s anything original really…if I could draw, I would have drawn something fabulous using one continuous line.  But I can’t, so I didn’t!

I decided to do a loopy line, purely because I wanted to do something a tiny bit different to what others have done.

When I was younger, I had this battery-powered pen that drew a loopy line, I thought it was called a Dizzy Doodle, but I can’t seem to find a picture.  Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

Anyway, this pen used to draw a loopy line very similar to the one I’ve drawn. So I suppose that gave me the idea!

I started at the ‘Start’ obviously, and I was about half way through before noticing there was no ‘End’!  So I added that myself.  And I decided to colour the whole thing in, which took absolutely ages.

And I have discovered that colouring pencils just aren’t made the way they were when I was young!  I’m using Crayola, which I thought were a reputable brand, well known for being THE colouring implement of choice for children.  But the leads keep snapping…and either they’re broken all the way down the pencil, or they are just too weak for my pencil sharpener!  And the purple one (oh it just had to be the purple one didn’t it?) splintered really badly down the side when I sharpened it.  That didn’t happen when I was younger!  Not impressed!!!

So what do you think of my nonstop line?  🙂


Wreck This Journal: Name page (revisited)


May I now present…my new Name page!!

I have already written about my uninspiring Name page.  I’d followed the instructions but used no creativity whatsoever, and to say it was uninspiring would be an understatement!

name page

I had been considering jazzing it up in some way, but I couldn’t think how.  Then, while exchanging wrecking ideas with one of my friends, I had an idea.

It involved splitting the page into sections and writing the letters of my name in them.  I remember doing this when I was younger and I just loved to doodle – on school books, usually, or any scrap of paper.  I’d draw out squares and write my name or the names of whichever celeb I was crushing on at the time – come on, you know you did it too!!

For this page, I decided to draw the lines at an angle…I used a ruler and measured the sections exactly, in case anyone’s interested!!  Being Wreckless still doesn’t come easy to me!!

I wanted the design to be a background to the content of the page, rather than covering it up completely, so I wanted to keep the colouring.  On my laptop screen, I can hardly see the colours at all, so I hope you can.  the colours are hardly visible, so I hope you can see them.

I’m really happy with how it turned out 🙂


The page next to it is another story!  The first plan was to stick a pretty carrier bag over it.  I did this, and it didn’t quite look as good as it did in my mind!  If you really want to see, then there’s a picture here.  It was a terrible idea, it looked tacky and horrible, had no relation to the page beside it and I just wasn’t happy with it at all.

So, I peeled that right off and started again!

I covered the page in rainbow paper and then glued on a cat picture from an old birthday card that I just thought was fun.  It’s a hologram on thick plastic, so as well as being incredibly difficult to cut to size, it is also very difficult to take a picture of!  But I have done my best to show the hologram and here it is:


I’m happy with this page now anyway, and I think it makes a nice welcome page 🙂


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Wreck This Journal: The beginning


The very first page of Wreck This Journal – actually, a few pages before the ‘official’ first page – is for your name.  But this is Write This Journal, so of course you don’t do something as dull as just plain writing your name!!  Instead you are invited to write your name in a series of unusual ways: in white, illegibly, in tiny letters, backwards, very faintly, and in large letters.

I have taken a photo, but then I realised I’d have to block out a lot of it because it features my surname, address and phone number.  You’re not missing much though – this page isn’t much fun to look at!  Maybe I should have waited a few weeks to do this page, and then I would have been more creative with it, but never mind – it is what it is!

It was still fun to do, but that might have had more to do with the excitement of finally having this book in my paws!!


The ‘official’ first page is simply ‘Add your own page numbers’.  I decided that instead of just plonking a number on each page, I would make each page match the entry on that page in some way.  So I went through and pencilled in the numbers instead.  So this particular instruction will continue right up until the last page is finished.

I have included a picture because I feel like I should, but please note I’m not proud of this page at all!  In fact, maybe I will return to it in future and jazz it up a bit.

But I had to show you this in order to get to the good stuff 🙂