Wreck This Journal: Poke holes in this page using a pencil


This wasn’t completely my own idea.  I was browsing pics on Twitter (#wtj #wreckthisjournal) and I saw someone had had the clever idea to make the holes into stars.  I’m so sorry I can’t remember who this artist was, but if you are reading this, let me know and I’ll credit you!

I also can’t completely remember what her page was like, but she did say I was welcome to use the idea as long as I put my own spin on it.  So hopefully that’s what I’ve done!

I poked holes in the black paper, and then I put this gold glittery paper behind it, to make the ‘stars’ appear to shine.  You can see this better in the close up pic.

Then I added some other stars to the black paper.  I wanted to use a gold pen, but as luck would have it, that appears to be the only colour gel pen that I don’t have!!  But I quite like the contrast of the silver.

I then used a gold glitter pen to add some trails behind the gold ‘stars’ to make them look like shooting stars.  I’m not entirely sure this gives the effect I intended, but I like it anyway!


Wreck This Journal: Make a funnel. Drink some water.


I was reluctant to do this one, but eventually I did it!  I cut out the cone, coloured it in, filled it with water, and yes, I drank from it!!*

Then I stuck it back in, and randomly stuck in a picture of a scene from Alice In Wonderland on the adjacent page.  For no reason other than that I love it 🙂

(*In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have drunk from somethng that had been coloured in with permanent ink and colouring pencils…don’t try this at home, kids!!  But I haven’t noticed any side effects so far…*twitches* 😉 )

Wreck This Journal: Tear this page out. Put it in your pocket. Put it through the wash. Stick it back in.


So I have seen other people do this page, and they’ve ended up with some slightly tinted but practically perfect version of this page.

But no, apparently that wasn’t the plan for me.

Imagine my horror when I dragged out my washing and looked in my pocket and found the page gone.  I searched and searched, and eventually discovered that the page had escaped from my pocket and found its way into a pillowcase.

The picture on the right is the result!!!!!

So, not to be beaten, I picked out some of the larger bits and left them to dry out.  I have now reattached them to the new ‘page’.

The lumps of paper are now really hard, which means that writing/drawing/colouring on any pages in my WTJ is now..erm…interesting, to say the least!!!!


Wreck This Journal: Cut through several layers


Remember when you were in school and you used to fold a sheet of paper up several times and then cut different shapes into it and then open it up to make a snowflake?

As soon as I saw the instruction on this page, I knew that this was exactly what I’d be doing!

I ripped out the page and then folded it a few times.  Then I did completely random snips all over – some swirls, some little triangles, and then carefully unfolded.

I was very pleased with how this turned out!  The heart-shapes were completely accidental, and I love them!

I stuck it onto this bright pink paper (because I just love this colour combination!) and put it back into the journal.

As well as being very happy with the appearance of this page, I was also very relieved that the instruction was still more or less readable, so it meant I didn’t have to find a way to rewrite it! 🙂


Wreck This Journal: Wrap something with this page.


Eeeeeeee, presents!!!!!!!!!

This page puzzled me for a while…

Wrap something with this page.

Wrap something with this page.

I thought about it until my head hurt, and then decided to just go for it.  I ripped out the page, and started colouring it.  I wanted to make it a bit fancy, so I used glitter crayons to colour stripes.  I have included a couple of extra pictures below to show the effect of the glitter crayons – the give a very nice shiny effect, and they have actual glitter in – GENIUS!!!!!

Anyway, once my page was coloured, I started looking for something to wrap.  This involved me wandering around the house and literally looking for something small that I wouldn’t miss.  I’m one of these annoying people who throws things out if I don’t need/want them, so this was a difficult task!

Eventually I decided on the thing to wrap.  It was a keyring that I had bought for a friend that I no longer speak to.  It wasn’t appropriate to give as a gift, but I didn’t want to throw it away, so I’d kept it in a drawer.  I don’t know why, because like I said above, I normally am pretty good at thowing out unneccessary junk!

So, I wrapped the keyring in tissue paper to bulk it out a bit and make it easier to wrap, and then wrapped it in the page, adding some curly-wurly ribbon for that final touch!

I wanted to be able to put this page back into my WTJ, so I used coloured paper to create a new ‘page’.  I have done this for all instructions which require me to remove a page, so that I can put everything back in where it belongs.  Because I’m like that 🙂

So, in this case, I stuck the present on to this bright yellow page, wrote on the instruction and added some present stickers.

My WTJ is pretty bulky now – there’s no chance of carrying it everywhere with me anymore, my handbag just isn’t big enough!!


Wreck This Journal: Fill this page with circles


At long last, here is my circles page!!  I started this ages ago, by cutting up this pink gift bag with big white dots on it and sticking that on as a background.

(I also used the handles from the gift bag to make the ties of my WTJ, as discussed here.)

I had some bubble wrap, which is of course made up of lots of little circles, so I cut that into big and small circles, and stuck those on.  Then I was stuck with this page that I just wasn’t happy with.  I left it a few weeks, hoping that a brilliant idea would come to me.

It didn’t.

I considered a couple of ideas, but they just never happened.  Then I bought a packet of little multicoloured pompoms – I only really wanted the white ones for the white page, and the only pack I could find was multicoloured.  So of course I then had all these colourful ones spare, and thought maybe I could use them on this page….

A few pompoms and a lot of glue later, I’m much happier with this page.  It’s not perfect, but it’s kind of cute, don’t you think? 😉


Wreck This Journal: Pour, spill, drop, spit, fling your coffee here


This was one of the first pages I did, and it’s one of the few pages that I consider to be ‘wrecked’.

I don’t drink coffee (hot drinks make me thirsty) so I used my drink of choice, Diet Coke.

I poured it on and moved the page around so that it swirled around a bit and dripped off the edges, then I poured more on the other side.  It was a very weird thing to be doing!

Unfortunately Diet Coke doesn’t stain as effectively as coffee, but you can sort of see where it was on the page…the sheets are nicely wrinkled, anyway!


Wreck This Journal: Collect stamps off all your mail


Now this one was one of the easier ones for me!  You see, when I’m not causing creative chaos in my WTJ, I write letters to my friends, via good old fashioned snail mail.  It’s almost a lost art now, I know, but I still love it when the postman brings me a nice handwritten letter instead of (or at least as well as!) a bill!

So, collecting stamps was easily done.  Especially as I was doing it around November/December, when the Christmas cards were flowing in!

The one on the top right of the picture was on a letter we received at work – it’s a Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stamp!!  I loved it when I saw it and didn’t think twice about stealing it for my stamp page.  🙂


Wreck This Journal: Scribble wildly using borrowed pens


This one doesn’t need much explaining.  It was one of the pages I did when alone at work over Christmas, and I went around all the admin desks scribbling with whatever I could find.

I couldn’t help noticing how many ‘run out’ pens we seem to keep!  There were dried up felt-tips and highlighters, scratchy empty biros and blobby gel pens.  But this was a nice quick one to do, and one of the few pages which I have actually let loose on!


Wreck This Journal: Copyright page


This is my Copyright page.  When I first looked at it, I couldn’t help noticing how many times the word ‘Penguin’ was mentioned.  So I decided to stick with the penguin theme!  I printed a large penguin picture, did some shading around the words, and that was the page done!

The page next to it took more thinking – there were so many words on it already, so I decided I wanted to do something with them.  So I sat down and tried to find some ‘hidden message’ that I could highlight.  This took several tries and several sheets of paper with various scribbled ‘messages’ on them!!!

Eventually, it all came together.  Unfortunately by this time, I’d decided to stuck a flippin’ hologram on the reverse of the page, so the colouring has taken on the texture of the hologram, which is a shame.  But you get the idea!

Click the images for full-size versions to see the messages more clearly 🙂